Singing Time!




When I'm painting, music floats all over the room. Today Rosie and I have been painting and listening to all kinds of music....... from Alabama to Taylor Swift to DC Talk to Run DMC, Amy Grant, Lynard Skynard, Jill Phillips, and Andrew Peterson.  Music is so powerful, so inspiring!  And to be able to play a mandolin, fiddle, banjo or guitar... well, that would be amazing!

Below are some words from the song by Andrew Peterson, "Let there be light".  I love this song!

"When the mandolin sang like a bird on the wing
In the hands of Bill Monroe
When Chet played guitar like a walk in the park
Like a prodigal son coming home

They spoke into being the work of their hands
From the void of the wire and the wood
And they stood on the stage
And they sang and they played
And they said that it was good

Let there be light
Let there be love
Let there be light, let there be love
Let there be music

The music we make is the salt of the earth
The work of our hands is the light of the world
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

When your spirit is hovering over the deep
In the image of God just look into that darkness and speak
Let there be light, let there be love, let there be music

So let the mandolin play
Like a mother's embrace
Let the fiddle be warm as a smile
Let the guitar be bright
As a friend at your side
When you're lost on a long lonely mile

Let there be light.

Let there be love.

Let there be music."

Upcoming paintings in mind..... whimsy guitars, cellos, fiddles, and banjos!!!