Morning Sunlight



( Morning sunlight on writing desk)

Sometimes it's just fun to think about what makes us unique... what we love... what makes us smile.  Here are some thoughts on this 19th day of February and as the countdown for Spring continues:

Singing birds. Blue Skies. Pom pom skirts and Flowery dresses.

Pink wellingtons and Red barns. Green pastures. Daisy filled meadows.  Whimsy Cottage gardens.

New dawn roses. Fairy houses. Organza and Chiffon. Silk and Burlap. Old wooden doors.  Hot Pink Sofa. Sparkles and Baubles. White paint and a garden gate.  Zinnia seeds, tomato plants. Campfires. Tea Parties. Love of Family. Laughter. Kindness. Creating. Drawing. Humming. Hide and Seek. Art parties. Glitter. Cupcakes.

Parades. Balloons. Goodness. Friendship. Bike Rides. Ocean. Salty Air. Caring. Adoption.

Russia. Princesses. Ballerinas. Folk Music. Banjo. Fiddle. Guitar. Turquoise.

Perfect in imperfection. Holy Spirit blowing and moving and warming us.

God's Word. Strong and True.  Glowing. Lighting our Way.
Candlelight. Firelight. Library. Book reading. Day Dreaming. Life Dreaming.  Life Giving.

Generosity. Smiles. Hope. Making things. Painting things. Writing things. Alive. Happy. Full of God's Spirit.

Joyful. Playful. Frolic. Naturalist. Journey. Color. Wonder. Freedom. Being. Believing.

Thank you God for everything.

For the sunshine and rain

The joy and the sorrow.....for it makes us who we are.

May our life be a song to you.