Bike Whimsy




Spring is just around the corner... THREE BIG CHEERS!  I am verrry ready for sunshine and some warmth AND BIKE RIDES! YIPEEE!

So with the excitement of dreaming about bike rides, sand and sea...... have been throwing paper and paint around and coming up with my own version of my Electra bike, "Tulip".




Yes, it's crazy whimsy and I had so much fun painting it!  I cut out words that describe the beach to me.  A perfect morning at the beach is getting up ( sort of early), heading to my favorite pavilion in Seaside with pink thermos of hot coffee, journal and favorite pen( all happily riding in my bike basket) and spending an hour of writing, listening to the ocean and just sitting in sunshine.... yep, that is pretty perfect to me!

  Frolic, sun, fun, sand, joy, celebrating life and art.... BEACH BLISS!


Bike + 30-A Beach!

Two words that make me HAPPY!

So if you haven't been to the area of 30-A on the Florida panhandle..... someday you'll have to travel to this secret land.