Hearts and Snow


Am coming out of the fog of the dreaded stomach bug.... no fun!  But in sickness, I am doubly more thankful for health, for legs that walk, and a heart that beats, eyes to see God's beauty and the love that goes deeper in sickness.  You know the kind of love that comes out in families... the taking care of each other, being by each others side. And my sweet husband has sure been doing that:)

As I come back into the world....

I welcome this:




I know that many out there in this country are tired of all the snow But down here in the south, snow is a treasure and welcoming sight for many.  And oh, how I am loving this morning.  It just started snowing about an hour ago and the snow keeps floating down.  I hope it snows all afternoon.



I love looking out at these trees from my bedroom window. Love watching them change in each season and on occasion, I get to see them with some fluffy snow on their branches.


And with this little part of the world turning white outside,

the inside of this little world is filled with pinks and reds.

  I think this Valentines will be a quiet one.....

With snow on the ground and warm love in our hearts.

May you all have a Love filled Valentine's weekend!