New place to create...



Do you like this month?  I kind of see it as a gateway to spring. It's not a warm, sunshine month but usually cold and cloudy and I catch myself counting down to March.  But this year, I want to approach it differently.

February gets it's name from the word, "februare", to purify. I see that as a time to tackle clutter, reflect, change some furniture around, make things fresh in my own life and with family.   So for our kitchen eating area, we decided to change some things and make it the creative/play area.  We moved the pedestal table out and moved in Rosie's little kitchen, easels and paint table. Voila! buzz and energy, paint and play have magically appeared!


Now we can all paint together, cook and eat in one area!   I like this new February set up!  It actually looks more cluttery then it was. Oh well!  But my thoughts are this...

I'd take a creative area of the house any day over an organized, too perfect one. So, I'll happily stick with this.


 And dear February....we'll create some sunshine and flowers.....

and color


We'll get our fingers "muddy" with paint....

and design some masterpieces!