Flowers, Dresses, Rosie, and Paris

With fresh images of soft chiffon, silk and organza couturedresses on my mind ( inspired by the great designers... Chanel, Valentino, Marc Jacobs)  I came up with some ideas! .... design a spring line of dresses, just like designers have the spring and fall lines.  This is titled.... "Spring dresses, 2010".  Here are a few of the flower ones of the spring line.  The theme of this part of the line.... "Paris in Springtime".  There will be other themes under the main title "Spring dresses"! Can't wait! I'm not sure how many dresses will be designed.  But right now, it's flower and Paris love!


And with each dress, there is a story.  These dresses are created specifically for a special mother/ daughter trip to Paris. Hmm... let's call the daughter.... Rosie!

Let's start!  The one above is created for Rosie and she'll find herself in Paris on a spring afternoon.  She will wander the streets and window shop with her mom, they'll  buy a bouquet of daisies, a french loaf of bread, some brie and cheddar cheese, and then sit down in the "Jardin de Luxembourg" and have a picnic!  I think Rosie will twirl around a little bit during the day too.  This dress is definitely a twirly one!


Now this sky blue dress is for a night on the town!    First the opera, then a great dinner ( steak au poivre) at a little cafe and ending the night with a boat ride down the Seine.


This is Rosie's flower filled sundress and it will travel and skip to Rosie and her mom's favorite museum in Paris.... the Musee D'orsay!

Of course, Rosie's mom needs a fun flower filled dress too, so this will be her outfit for the day of gazing at paintings from Monet, Matisse, Chagall, and Van Gogh.
What happy dresses for such a playful and fun trip between mother and daughter.

( Now, back to reality.  At night, when Rosie and I read books and talk... sometimes we talk about going on an adventure filled trip to Paris. We've even created a song with it.  Maybe these little stories will come true, but right now, it's fun to dream and make an imaginary trip between mom and daughter!


And last.. but not least. 

Reality: the here and now

Dress for Rosie. age 3. cotton candy dreams. Occasion: for Easter 2010.

Perfect! ( think this one needs to be painted into the spring 2010 collection too!)