In studio.

Amid the sketching, painting, and creating, my mind continues to think about the people of Haiti.

It has been one week since the earthquake and our prayers continue for these people.   Whenever I click on the news site, my attention is immediately drawn to the stories about the orphans of Haiti.  And I'm very thankful the government cut the red tape and allowed these orphans to come to the US.    I watched the news channel last night and saw child after child being carried off the airplane.  It brought a tear to my eye and made me smile to think of all these children going to their new families.  What a precious and good part of this story.  A story that is full of sadness, devastation and heart break, but in the midst, there is hope.

A 70 year old lady was found after 7 days without food or water

When they carried her out, she sang out praise to God.


And the reporter also said they were bringing 300 orphans to the US to be adopted.   


Am thinking of this quote that my dear friend wrote ( just a few days ago) when she found out she had cancer.

"Even in our times of darkness He(God) has surprises for us. You know what the surprise is? The beauty of His presence during these dark times."   


God is with us, among us..... even in the dark days.

  He is our Hope.