Letter to Bike


Hello dear whimsical bike,

So happy you are free and out of your cardboard box! Now you can fly around the sand and streets of Florida!

I can't wait to show you my favorite pathways and wooden bridges, beach pavilions and happy shops!  You are already loved and I've named you Tulip!  Hope you like your new home and sunshine land of living.


your happy owner, Tricia


We were down in "magic land" ( the beach)  this weekend and I picked up my new bike!  I've been waiting on it for a while and have dreamed about owning an "artsy bike"... so now, here it is!  yipee!

It's an Electra bike...... and one of the "artist" type of bikes that the company creates.  This one is from the Alexander Girard design and oh, it is perfect!  Now, I'm reading about this Alexander artist man and he was such a strong visionary and artist back in his day!  In fact, his design is still flowing around stores in 2010.... amazing!

The tag on the bike says it all, " Get caught up in the whirlwind of your imagination."  And that's exactly what I plan to do. This bike will have some great stories to tell! 

And it's so pretty... it's begging to have it's portrait made.   I have a feeling that tomorrow a new painting will join the other fresh canvases of color and paper!