Creative Minds


Have been indulging in fashion designer land during my new theme of "Hibernation January 2010" and it has been a lot of fun!

First, Valentino's documentary was fascinating and it is pure delight to watch the "behind the scenes" of his extravagant life and also have the inside peak into his creative mind. 


His dresses are gorgeous... very feminine and have that touch of fairy tale and whimsy, yet elegance.


Whispyness....ruffles....... colors of the sea....... ethereal.


That dress is just meant to twirl around in.... and around and around!


And from my January nights of watching these documentaries, there have been some insights gained.  It's funny, because I'm not a "fashionista" ( I shop at TJ Maxx and I have uniforms (jeans and sweaters in winter) but I love to see how other people's brains work in design and art.  I think the best part of watching these movies about designers is one gets an inside and intimate look at the creative process.  Each designer who is successful is very true to his style and also has this freedom of uniqueness.  I think there is a lot to learn from watching others create and how they go about their own process.  

With all that hoopla being said...above is my inspiration board.  And there is a method to the madness. 

Why is it I'm so intrigued with these designers?

What does it have to do with whimsy art?  Well, you'll find out in the next few weeks!