Looking back

Thanks for the welcome back notes!  Over here in Birmingham, we are trying to stay warm.... it's been very cold... and I feel like we should be living in Nebraska right now! It's definitely ice skating weather and hot chocolate time!

It's 15 days after Christmas, but wanted to share a few of my favorite shots.   Christmas was magical in many ways and then, the sickness hit and we all passed germs around. The positive side of it made us slow down and just hang out with our little family.  We watched movies, sat by the fire and just had a quiet week between Christmas and New Years. 

For some updates.... we didn't have snow, which was a big let down for all the hype and the Saks show was rescheduled for later in the month. Am bursting with new ideas for paintings... so will be sharing those soon.  January tends to be a hibernating month for me, especially in this cold weather.  This month so far has been a good hibernation time: lots of hot chocolate and hot coffee, fireside time.... reading new books. And I have some great ones from Christmas!  And then my new favorite type of movie.... documentaries on fashion designers. They are fascinating.  Can't wait to share more! But for pics below.......return to magical Christmas time!


Sam, Rosie and Elfie ( their very special little friend ( rather BIG friend) during Christmas time!


Rosie helping with our Christmas painting.  ( We decided to make seasonal paintings with the neighborhood kids.) They come up with the idea and how it will look and then paint it and decorate it....... it's always fun to think about our new painting and what it will look like.  It's now time for the WINTER one... or maybe it should be Valentines.... not sure yet.


The Lollipop of lollipops!

And the semi-sharing.

Hope you all had a very bright and merry Christmas and that your new year is bouncing along nicely!