The Land of 2010!


Blog is back! Thought my little blog sabbatical would last just through the summer, but then it made it's way into the fall and Christmas.  Now 2010 is here! And it's time for re-beginnings of things!   YEA for the new year!  May it be fresh and wonderful... full of adventures and inspiration....laughter and lollipops!

Here are some things I'm loving right now:

love the new year... especially 2010 with the big round 0's in it... circles always make me happy.

love the pic above.  Rosie watching and waiting for the little bird to come back and eat his afternoon snack.

love getting ready for the big snow in the south! (or maybe little snow:) Any snow is BIG to us!  We're ready and waiting.  Time to get some hot chocolate and soup going for the cold days ahead. 

love that some of my art will be living at Saks Fifth Avenue for a month!

If you're in the Atlanta area,  swing by Saks Fifth Avenue at Phipps Plaza.   There are 20 artists displaying their work at Saks. It's all connected to "Spotlight on the Arts" at Trinity School in February.  The art opening night is this Thursday!  So excited! But the snow may cause issues, so it may be postponed because of the white fluffy stuff, but we'll wait and see!


This painting will be making its home at Saks.

And oh, my dream really is to ride my bike on the streets of Paris at night! Our friends ( Katie and Brian) did the bike tour through Paris this summer and loved it!!


This happy flower bouquet will be living there too.

So sorry little cupcakes, but you'll be living at our house for the time being.  Sorry you'll miss out on "talking" with cotton candy pink dresses.  I know you would love to, but maybe another time:)

Happy New Year to you!!!

May it be full of those happy type of surprises and sweet simple things of life!  ( with some Paris dreams, the color pink and cupcakes mixed in!)