There and Back Again

Funny to think that just one week ago the frenzy was the Swine Flu.  Last Wednesday, we headed up to Harding Academy for the art show in Nashville and then about 15 minutes after we arrived ( 9:15pm), I checked my email and the show was canceled due to the Swine Flu.  So we ate pancakes the next morning and headed back to good ole Bham.  Then we had a new question .... "What shall we do with the blank slate weekend"??

Photo above:  We took this photo in the neighborhood close to Harding Academy in Nashville... thought it was very appropriate for the day!

After thinking through options for the weekend.....we decided....what better thing to do than build a playset!  ( little laugh inserted)
So Mike's dad ( he deserves lots of bonus points for his help) and Mike started the long task of reading directions and putting this play land together.

Meanwhile, Gee Gee and the kids plus neighbors made signs for the family reunion beach trip coming up in a few weeks. ( Gee Gee gets bonus points too!)

And outside.... Mike and his dad ( aka Da) continued the work....
While Sam and neighbors built their own play set made of cardboard boxes.  I think it eventually turned into a club house with little windows and chalk drawings.  

Later on, Sam and Rosie played with their new sand/ water box.  ummm... think I'll have the water in it only when I want to have them completely soaked... so will wait for hot weather.
After several tornado storms  rolled through Birmingham, the drilling, reading, putting together "play land" continued. But after a long day and into the evening hours.....

it was completed!!
yipeee!  Yea for Da and Mike!!
Thanks for the playset!  
Sam and Rosie LOVE it!


And I love walking out into our yard, passing under the arbor of Miss Carolina Jasmine and swinging with my kids!

So fun to watch Sam and Rosie swing and play and laugh and jump and slide and run and climb...
We have already:

1. Picnicked in the fort under sunny sky. ( mac and cheese was the vote for picnic food)

2. Invited friends over for play set time.

3. Swung in the moonlight with fragrance of jasmine and honeysuckle.

and we plan on many summer days filled with this...

pure play.

p.s.   so all in all, the Swine Flu did cause the art show to be postponed... but then it gave a free weekend to build something for our kids and also gave us time with Gee Gee and Da. So I can't be too mad at the flu... but glad it is on it's way out of the frenzy stage.

Now the countdown begins for summer!