The beginning of....


Much buzz in the house today..... Sam turned 7 today!!! And we're celebrating all day long!!
So this is the beginning of birthday time and his official party will come up in a few weeks!  Today, the plan is for a Chuck E Cheese lunch! 

Also, another part to the birthday weekend is the Mountain Brook Art Show!   If you are in the Birmingham area and want to see lots of art, come on over to the show!  It's Saturday 10-4pm and Sunday noon - 5pm.

Above painting is a peek into my "House of Rose" collection.  I had so much fun making these dresses. They're made with  rose petals, tapestry and handmade paper.  Each fashion girl needs a name, so I'm thinking of what this one will be.  Think she is a Paris Rose Couture girl!

And this dress reminds me of a wedding cake. I had lots of fun with this one too!  Rose petals in the skirt and I cut tiny rose buds and put them on the top of the dress.   More dresses to show... but for now, we are in birthday mode and preparing for art show!

Happy weekend to you!!