This Easter was an extra special one.  Probably one that will go down as one of my favorites.  It was filled with such joy, laughter, and family.... and of course, we have our own little Rose this year on Easter to add more happiness and love to the mix!   We truly have so much to be thankful for!
So here is a snapshot into our Easter weekend:

We headed to Cedartown, Georgia...my much loved hometown and where Nana and Papa live!
Mom had the job of putting the cloth on the cross and on Saturday evening, we headed over to the church and took the black cloth down ( symbolizing the death of Jesus).

And Mike and mom hung the white cloth on the cross. Loved  that we were able to have a part in this... such a beautiful symbolic way of showing that Jesus overcame death.... he truly rose from the grave, conquered sin and death and offered us life in Him.... a life that is filled with hope.  And hope is Jesus.  I can't think of anything more in life to give me hope than hope in my Savior, my Redeemer, my Jesus. 

And my prayer is that my own children will clearly know the love of Jesus and give their hearts to Him at a young and tender age.

pic above:  Roses in the Easter morning sunlight
Flowers filling the Lenten garden


The empty tomb among the flowers.

Easter basket fun land!

Nana and Rosie getting ready for church.

Sweet little Rosie

Our precious gifts from God.
Sam and Rosie
And our sweet family....   ( tune into tomorrow.... part two of Easter!)

As I look at these pictures and think about what God has brought us through these past years....walking through the trials of wanting to get pregnant, and then watching my precious dad suffer a brain injury.  There were times that I thought it was just too hard and I did question the love of God.  However, through those sad days, God showed me His deep love.  He showed me His hope.
He brought us Sam and then Rosie. And with my dad's brain injury... I know that God cares and He gives us the strength and love to carry on.

God is all love. There is not one ounce in Him that is not unloving.
He is the reason for our life and I can't imagine life without knowing Jesus.

The One who turns winters into spring... the One who makes all things beautiful.

Thank you God.
Thank you for Easter and what it really is all about: