Week before Easter

Hi! It's me Rosie!
I wanted to tell you I am so excited about Easter!.... I was trying to tell my mom that I do understand some things about Easter so I pointed up into the sky and said, Jesus! 

 I have seen some baskets in the house with bright colored plastic strings...  Hmmm... what is that basket all about?
Did Sam tell the truth when he said we will receive chocolate in a basket? Guess we'll wait and see, but I am excited about the things we are doing this week:
1.  Coloring Easter eggs!
2.  Making a bunny cake!
3.  Going on an Easter egg hunt!
4.  Putting flowers in the Lenten garden to celebrate that Jesus is alive!
Now these are all first for me!

But mommy, I may have to give you this look if I don't get a chocolate bunny like the one I saw at the grocery store.


Happy week to all!