Paris Watercolor


Yea! I finally broke down and bought an original watercolor from one of my favorite bloggers/artists:  Paris Breakfasts.
It is a beautiful blog that I've mentioned before.  Carole Gillott takes you right into Paris streets and patisseries... it is like one can travel to Paris just by reading her blog!  And she just returned from Paris which  adds more inspiration for all things French!

With this watercolor, there is a story behind it, just like there is for many paintings.  The scene she painted is of the patisserie in Paris called Delmontel.   I love the colors in this painting and how there are bikes in front and some mopeds  too!  Oh, this painting makes me so happy!

The real Delmontel

Yummy patisseries from Delmontel.
And someday I'll visit this fun Frenchie pure Paris place!

Carol even sent a beautiful thank you note!


Here is another watercolor of a paper store.


Must visit this place on my future trip to Paris!