The Little Garden

A tradition in our family is making a Lenten garden before Easter. And even though I'm a few weeks late with making it, I had a sweet little reminder named Sam, urging me to make it this weekend.... so we did!  And some neighbor kids helped us too which made it extra special!  We gathered our list for the garden.....  Grass ( check) wooden cross ( check) moss ( check) rocks ( check) tomb ( check) and began....

Love to watch children get so excited about making this garden.  It is really sweet to make something that is a symbol of what Easter is all about.  We put a cross in some dirt to symbolize Jesus dying for our sins. 

And we placed a tomb with a stone door in the garden. 
pic above( Our sweet neighbor loved designing the garden)

We added some rocks, and nuts and yes, somehow a turtle ended up in the "pond"..... and random tiny birds. ( we're not following the exact rules.)

The best part is having this tiny garden that is in "waiting".... it's waiting for that special morning to come. And when the sun rises on Easter, we move the "stone" door from the tomb and reveal that the tomb where they laid Jesus is empty. We place flowers all over the garden and some butterflies. It's a beautiful representation of Jesus making all things new.  He turns winters into springs and gives us real life, real love, real forgiveness, real grace, and joy.
 I can't imagine life without my Savior,  my Jesus. 

Happy Lent to all as we wait for the flower filled garden morning.......  Easter!

(P.S... if you want to read more about making a Lenten Garden, you can go here. It's a great description of what a Lenten Garden is all about!)