Night of Watercolors


Tonight we broke out the watercolors and we had quietness and creativity flowing for about 30 minutes.......And in those 30 minutes, magical things happened.

Rosie learned how water can make colors flow on paper and swirl around like the ocean.

(Love Rosie's hand on her head and painting with such concentration.... makes me smile)

And love Sam's painting of a fly fisherman in a lightning storm.

I think the fly fisherman was struck by lightning... but then....
God was painted on the paper and saved the fisherman!

Yes, a sweet night of discovering more of the land of art and water and colors. 
And yes, a few cups of water spilled....(Rosie tried to drink the water from the paint cup and also from the water rolling along on her paper)..... the joys of discovery.... the curiosity of being a little one.

Thanks Sam and Rosie for reminding me that with a little paint and water and paper......... a regular weekday night can have a little magic in it.