ART NIGHT! (part I)


This past week, I had the first official art night for 09!  It was so much fun watching everyone pick out paper, mix paint, discover gel medium ( which is a great artist secret!) and make beautiful creations! The entire night was filled with the buzz of making, painting, tearing paper, etc. and the best part is watching the smiles and happiness on each face as they look at their final creation and think about where it will hang in their home!
Yea for friends!

And making new friends!

The theme for this art night was mixed media and I showed everyone how to make a fun whimsy dress with paper and paint and some special glue! ( golden gel medium!). 

And the painting continues!! Artists hard at work!




Yes! It was a special evening and I absolutely love these nights.  My goal is to have one every month and next time I'll put the info on my blog so peeps in the Birmingham area can find out about it.

Thank you girl artists for a very fun and frolicky night!  Tomorrow ( Valentine's Day) I'll post the final creations from these amazing artists!