My Two Writers

A new ritual has sprung up in our house and one that I am very happy about!
Sam came into my bedroom the other night and said, "Maybe when I'm ten, I'll have my own journal and start writing stories."  But then before I knew it, he was sitting in the puffy chair and he pulled up a little table and decided he wanted to start writing in a journal right away.  Well, that's all I needed to see because writing in my journal is so near to my heart!  Love love to write and have been keeping a journal since 6th grade.  And now that Sam is 6 years old and can write a little, he wants to start one. Yipeeee!! 

(Oh, yes, that is Rosie's little head peeking out of the chair.) ( with her little piggy tail.)

 Rosie pretending to sleep... Sam writing away...

The next day... ( after the happy writing night).... I found Rosie wanting to do the same thing!
She adores all things Sam! Love it!

And  now Rosie starts her journey of writing.

The 2nd night of writing begins....After bath time, the writer ( Sam) heads to his special chair and starts his story.  ( It was inspired by a little stuffed dog he picked out for Valentines.)
Looks like he is thinking something in Italian or Russian...
And then Rosie hops along and starts her nightly journal time.

 To see my kiddies inspired to write makes my heart glow and I look forward to more quiet little nights like this.  Forget the wii for now.... we have paper and pen and can sure create many adventuresome people and dogs, bunnies, talking flowers and pirates!