Creating and Blue Sky

298012201_5e04df1d43 Nicolas Masse

The Lake District.  Have you ever been? It is one of those magical places in the world.  A favorite of mine.  My mom and I visited this area in the 90's and we both loved it. Beatrix Potter is from this area as well as many other poet, writers and artists. It's a haven for creative land! So, on this cold day ( for Alabama), I am thinking that if I could stay a while in the Lake District, this is what I would create at night. ( photos below)  Because of course, the days would be filled with hikes up and down the rolling green hills, riding bikes through the villages, and painting some flowers along the way.  Then the night would be filled with soft lights and some imagination, fabric, felt, paper, and a needle and thread.... all the while, watching Pride and Prejudice.
Because if one travels in England, one has to have Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett close in thought!

The paper mache birdie house

2882405318_4335c743ae The magical pixie girl
Mel e Mo


Liqued Sky Arts

Oh, and this is the cottage we would stay in. 

Ok... now happy land has been visited.... Sigh....
Think I need to break out the Jane Austen books and start reading.