Smiling Words

Some words that make me smile today....

1. Thinking of the beach.  When I look at this photo, one word comes to mind....

P e a c e


2. R e a d      L i v e

 two words engraved at the entrance to Fonville Press Cafe at Alys Beach.  ( just down the road from Rosemary).


3.  H a p p y

Sweet birdie painting one of the art girls painted this weekend.


4. G e n e r o s i t y

The two women, Kim and Kathy, who made Girl's Getaway Weekend so wonderful.  They also have a big heart for helping others in need and the weekend helped raise money for a local charity called Caring and Sharing and also many groceries were given as well.  So it was not just a weekend of "getting to do fun things", but also giving to others as well!
5. P i x i e   G i r l

  ( A sweet part about going away for the weekend is coming home to my little family). I love them so!


6.  W h i m s y

Rosie's piggy tails and polk a dot tights.