Girl's Getaway Wonder-ful Weekend! ( Part I)


Girl's Getaway Weekend in Rosemary Beach....  was absolutely wonderful!!!!  Just looking at the pic above makes me so happy!  When you gather a bunch of women together and paint... there is something so special that happens that makes my heart sing.... creating, painting, making, taking a risk, laughing, and then being so happy with one's finished's something every woman should try! 

I'm probably getting ahead of myself because you may be wondering,"What is girl's getaway weekend???" It was this past weekend in Rosemary Beach, Florida and filled with laughter, song, creating, learning, eating, drinking, more laughing, riding bikes, being in the sun and most of all... community and meeting new wonderful women!
So, for me... it was a big treat because they asked me to be the artist girl for the weekend and I taught a lesson on Friday morning to 27 women!  
Here was a little glimpse into the weekend:
Thursday night: Singer/Songwriter round
Friday: Art lesson in morning.  Reception/fun time in the evening
Saturday: Cooking lesson by Virginia Willis
Saturday night: Dinner and comedian Leanne Morgan
Sunday: breakfast, pack up and head home.
To watch these women paint was a highlight for me.  I absolutely love to help others see how much fun it is to create. Some of the women had never painted before and carried home beautiful art work by the end of the morning!

And in this town hall of Rosemary.... filled with colorful paint, happy chatter, sparkly mimosas, twinkle lights and knowing the blue ocean is just down the cobbled stone path.... gave an excitement, energy, and joy that warmed the entire room. It's almost like a song flowing but in reds and oranges, pinks, greens, yellows and blues.
Celia ( above) is a super talented artist and I loved watching her create her flowers and fun muffins!  Am looking forward to watching her paint some portraits this summer at Rosemary... so fun to have another kindred spirit red head friend!

And this artist was making and painting a beautiful dress.  She wrote a verse around the dress and was excited about taking the painting home to give to her daughter..... just loved that!

Another artist in action! Beautiful flowers... love the colors!

Kind of blurry... but you can almost feel the buzz of painting and creating.
Love this ....  A family reunion of 3 generations (pic shown above) They traveled to Rosemary from California, New York and southern Florida for the Girl's Getaway Weekend! All the women were so sweet and makes me smile to think of  their time together and they painted such beautiful paintings!

The most special part of the weekend was being with my mom! We had a great time together and I couldn't have done this weekend without her.  Some of the women called her my "marketing director". Mom is the best! We celebrated her birthday on Thursday and had fun listening to the singer/songwriters that evening and going out for dinner in Seaside. Mom helped me with the entire weekend... with the art morning... setting up the breakfast, encouraging the artists,  making mimosas, organizing, making coffee, taking pics, packing up and being my greatest encouragement!  We rode bikes together, had brunch at the French restaurant, walked on the beach, and just enjoyed hanging out.  My mom is one of my dearest friends. Thank you mom! You made the weekend so much fun!

There is much more to write... but I will save that for Tuesday.  Happy start to February.....may it be a bright and beautiful month!