Girl's Getaway Wonder-Ful Weekend ( Part Deux!)


More frolicky fun stuff about the girl's weekend.  On Saturday morning, Mom and I enjoyed eating at this wonderful French cafe called Fabrice. It's located in Watercolor, so if you are ever in 30-A... check out this little cafe!  It is authentic French and the owner is from Paris!

I have always loved this painting....... the colors, the free spirit-ness, the Frenchie way of life..... flowers and pastries and tiny cars.

And yes, pretty pink and yellow macaroons and more French sweets!

IMG_7334 IMG_7333
We had delicious omelets and authentic French toast! yum!

So from our fun breakfast in Watercolor, we headed back to the magical land of Rosemary.  We spent lots of our time in this building in Rosemary. It's called the town hall and I have grown to really love this building and now wishing we had more little town halls that functioned like this one.  It has lots of open space and windows and sunlight and the best part about it was the way it can be transformed for different events. For our weekend, it was lit with twinkle lights on Thursday night and had a warm glow with the singer/songwriters from Nashville.  Loved listening to them... they were amazing! And on Friday morning it was filled with the buzz and sunlight of creating and painting.  Friday night was candle light and time to just hang out, eat good food and enjoy great wine. Saturday, this town hall turned into a place to watch a kitchen demo and was led by a very talented chef who mixed French cooking with southern flair.  And then Sunday morning, it was again transformed into a warm meeting place for breakfast and saying goodbyes and a "see you next time".

I loved how this sweet and beautiful building was created and built for the purpose of community.  It even has church service on Sunday morning.  Love the way this little town gets together and supports the community, it's people and the needs around them.

And two women who are part of this Rosemary community and who made this entire girly weekend come together were Kathy and Kim. Kim is from the green rolling hills of Tennessee and Kathy lives in this fairyland area. They both made the magic happen and created an environment that was relaxed, creative, and full of  pure fun. Thank you Kathy and Kim for all your hard work and for a great weekend!



Rosemary Beach....

I am falling in love with this part of the beach more and more.  I remember the days in the early 90's when I would walk through scrub bushes and down little dirt roads so I could get to this enchanted, secret beach. Before Rosemary was created, I called this beach my Anne of Green Gables beach.  It was so pristine and pure... white sand, blue sky and crystal blue water.  In my mind... it was everything a beach was meant to be....





( pic above: lady painting in watercolors on a January beach day)

Now the landscape has changed and a town has been created that truly adds to the natural beauty of this blue and white beach instead of taking away from it.  And my "Anne" beach became "Rosemary Beach".

And I still love it.

And believe it really is a kind of secret place and hope it continues to be a secret for a little while longer.