House of Rose



A big dream of mine in high school was to be a fashion designer...... I had it all planned with my friends.  We'd live in New York City and I would design clothes, Denise would go on Broadway and dance, and Tiffani would be a policewoman ( only if she could have a fancy horse).  So I'd dream about making  frilly dresses with some Lanvin type chiffon and embroidery thrown in as well.  However, not all went as planned.  My friends went off to different schools and made new dreams. And I had some road blocks,  first road block was that I really didn't love to sew... which makes for a bad start in the fashion industry.  Second road block was that my college road led to a southern school and not Parson's School of Design.


  So, all that to say, my dream kind of melted away like cotton candy turned upside down.


But I still loved to draw clothes and design dresses even if it was on my biology notes in college.


Yes, art was still in my soul and heart.... I doodled and drew flowers and dresses through my twenties.
But then, something happened in my 30's.  I started to really draw and paint and people actually bought my paintings!

It all has been progressing over the years. But in my heart, I am still a "wanna be fashion designer"'; except now, I have realized that I can design dresses and paint them and place them on canvas!  And the best part is... I dont' have to sew!
I just use some imagination and research the old vintage dresses... add paper here... fabric there.... rose petals here.... paint there... and voila!... a little creation from my own two hands!

Pic above is pure inspiration to me and from this wonderful site!
(House of Ellwand is where these beautiful dresses were created.)

With all that being said,  I am very excited about the new adventure in the art/fashion world.  Have some ideas brewing and will reveal them as spring approaches.  But will give some hints...

1.  Will be creating my own little "house of fashion" in my studio these next few months. 

2. Have ordered some rose petals, leaves, twine and homemade paper.

3. Sketching and drawing on these cold Alabama days.

And in a few weeks, "The House of Rose" ( my house of fashion) will be revealing some new things.

so stay tuned!