Watercolors and Paris


I've been loving this blog, http://parisbreakfasts.blogspot.com/,and it has all things Paris!  Carol Gillott paints these beautiful watercolors but they are not just ordinary watercolor paintings. They are from her own experiences in Parisian cafes either in Paris or her home in New York City. I just love it every time I visit her dreamy blog and see what she is up to with taking photos of her coffee time and the store windows of Paris and New York... pure inspiration!

I am making a little list of places to visit..... one will be Angelina's. Can't wait to have real hot chocolate with that big puff of cream on the side! French.... they just know how to make ordinary things extraordinary!
Love this....must visit Demel in NYC...

A tree of love!
The real thing.

And this artist, Carol Gillott, also collects tiny teapots and tea cups!

7MINI+CUPS Miniature land of coffee, hot chocolate and tea... wonderful!