Color- Filled Life


Color color!... Just makes me happy to see all these bowls floating in my sink.  And with 2009, I'm starting the new year with colorful and bright bowls.  Thought, ok... time to try out these fun bowls and I've seen them at Anthropologie for a while now, so I drove over there today and bought some!  Welcome to the Robinson house bright happy bowls!
Isn't it funny how small things that you use everyday can just put a skip in your step??

And along with the trip to my favorite store to pick up the happy bowls..... I also made a trip to my favorite library (libraries are great!) and picked up some very inspiring reads. My goal for the new year... read more .... read I love biographies and finding out about people's lives, so here are a few color filled lives that I can't wait to read!

Tracy Porter.... have loved this book for years now! In fact, her book inspired me to start painting.  She lives in the country and has little ponies and hand painted furniture and beauty beauty all around!

Kim Parker: At Home.   Oh, my, I had no idea this book was even in existence until I saw it on the shelf!   I adore her flower creations... Her home is filled with bright flowers everywhere... paintings, fabric, pillows and dresses....pure fun!

Circle of Quiet: by Madeline L'engle.  This author is one of my favorites and also I consider her a mentor in my life.  Love how she talks about God and creativity in "Walking on Water" and I haven't read "Circle of Quiet" in about 6 years or so, am looking forward to visiting it again.  I could read Madeline L'engle all the time! She is continued inspiration.

Aubrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit....Love her movies and want to know more about her life... so I'm trying this one out.

At Home with Kate:  I am intrigued by Katherine Hepburn too.  So want to read about her life and get a more detailed view of her day to day.

Lady Bird Johnson:  Looking forward to reading about her too! 

So there you have it! ...SIX great women to read about this month of January... now the question is... which book first?
And can I have these all read in 3 weeks??? UMMM.. probably not.  But will start in today!! yipee!