Winter Nights

Christmas decorations are finally packed up and put back into the closet.  Christmas season has come to an end and the new year has begun...and it has started with some rainy but quiet nights. You know what warms my heart so much during these winter days and nights?
This...... looking through the window into the sunroom and seeing Sam reading a book to Rosie.  Yep, that pretty much does it.
Well I put most of the Christmas decorations up.... but can't put all the twinkle lights away. I think some should stay and light up these January nights.  So I leave a few all nestled together in the big jar on our mantel.... along with some sugar plum fairies.

And some glitter.....
And some sugar and spice smile of a happy girl.

The twinkle lights and glitter will stay through January.
But little Rose... you  have my heart forever.