Winter Flowers

Our favorite beach on 30-A also has one of the most beautiful parks, Eden State Park. It's so close to the beach... just about 5 minutes down the road.  But surprisingly, many have never been to this little piece of enchantment. This past Saturday, we headed to the park for a picnic before we headed back to Birmingham.   It's always beautiful during anytime of the year because they have roses in  the summer and fall, camellias in winter, and azaleas in the spring. Love the moss in the trees, the quietness, the green grass and flowers, and even yellow butterflies in January.

And this time of the year, the camellia bushes are dripping with flowers.
My favorite is this candy cane camellia.... just love it. Almost looks good enough to eat!

Rosie loves these too. 

Big fat fluffy flowers..... a delight to any girl's heart!
sorting the petals...

Gathering more camellias scattered under the bush...

Quietly and gently, just enjoying the simplicity and beauty of a flower.

Even in January, flowers can grace our yards.  A great bonus to living in the south!