Christmas Time!

We're back from our Christmas adventure to Georgia and what a fun time we had with our dear family!
Sometimes I just want to put everything into slow motion so I can enjoy each moment and savor the time we spend together. And these moments become sweet memories as we watch little and big ones unwrap their  presents with great smiles on faces and pretty wrapping paper scattered around.  Sweet memories are made as we gather around the kitchen and have talks about cookie recipes to kids. The best part is just being together and celebrating Christ's birth as a family.
This year was extra special with little Rose and our Christmas celebration. Watching her experience her first Christmas was a delight and one we'll always remember.

Christmas Eve .... we turned our dining room into our "magical Christmas room".  And to make it sparkle and cozy, we put the dining room table into the sunroom/play area and then brought in the futon!  It was perfect!  Think we may keep this through Epiphany!


Rosie loving the futon and fire coziness! We read the Christmas story and "The Night Before Christmas"... the entire night was extra special, sweet and truly magical!


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And then we snuggled the kids in bed and they waited ( Sam with lots of excitement!)for Christmas morning.

Christmas morning delight with the candy cane chandelier


We loved our Christmas morning of opening presents and stockings...

 and then Christmas afternoon we headed to the bright and happy peach state of Georgia to see our parents, Sam and Rosie's grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins!

First Peach State Destination:  My parent's house!


We had a wonderful time together and mom read from her special Christmas book that she had when she was a child. I think the copyright date was in the early 40's! We also did our yearly tradition of driving to the Sorghum Mill.  It's a house with land that is completely covered with lights and Christmas displays and one can drive around the winding road and the road takes you through thousands of glittering lights. I think they start decorating in October! It's lots of fun because we're always picking out our favorite display and chattering about each new thing they added.

After our Christmas time at my parents, we headed to Peach State Destination II: Mike's parent's house!

  Rosie had a great time playing with her cousins, aunts and uncles and practicing one of her favorite things.... brushing and combing hair.  Uncle Andy was very patient as Rosie carefully combed.IMG_6889
And the "Best buddies ( cousins) forever!
Love this pic... it is the family singing songs that Gee Gee ( Mike's mom) made for each sweet and creative!! I love this time when we are all together and each child dances and watches as we sing their special song.  This year Gee Gee made Rosie a song and it was wonderful!! 

So now, we are back in the 'ham and still enjoying the sweetness of Christmas. We'll keep our twinkle lights on and look forward to bringing in the new year with bright songs and cheer and then celebrate another  beautiful part of Christ's birth..
Merry Merry day to you all!