The Night

We found a tree!!... ahemmm ... dont 'laugh..... well, I admit, it didn't look like the perfect fir tree in the forest like the book showed.  But we loved this little tree and named it, "Robintree". (We decided that next year, we'll scout out the tree before we look for it in the dark!) Always things to learn from adventures like this!

But the adventure of looking for the tree was exciting and a little... um, scary for one of ours ( hmm.. maybe he's watching too much Star Wars??).  We hiked through the woods and Mo Mo was our brave protector as we weaved our way to the perfect Robintree.  There is something so quiet and sweet about walking through the woods at night.  Even though these woods are in the middle of a suburb,  it is still fun to think that we are out in pure nature and  there are many little animals living in this preserve.

Once we found the tree, we spread out the blanket and started decorating the tree with popcorn and cranberry garland.....
Peanut butter pinecones coated with birdseed... then we sprinkled tangerines and apple pieces and even popcorn on the forest floor.

After the decorating, we all sat on our blanket and made a toast to Christmas with our delicious hot chocolate!
We picked our favorite songs and sang a few tunes. I was thinking, "Wow, next year, Rosie will be able to tell us her favorite Christmas song!"

And speaking of Rosie...we just discovered today that Rosie is a bigggg fan of this chocolate liquid called hot chocolate!
Yummmm! May I have some more please?  I think Rosie had about 3 small cups!

IMG_6720 Fun little magical night in the woods which is about 5 minutes from our house.   As we were getting back in the car and ready to head out, Sam excitedly said, "Look! Do you see the bird flying to our tree!??"  He had that sparkly happiness about him and Mike and I could tell that he was definitely thinking about the animals and birds finding our night tree. Love how the minds of children work!
And as we drove away from the forest..... I thought to myself, "I hope we are doing this even when our kids are in high school... am already loving this new tradition."

Sweet memories.... and this "Night Tree" tradition is definitely a keeper!
Happy Christmas Eve!!