Christmas Eve

Last night I showed Rosie one of my favorite things to do during Christmas: grabbing a pillow, putting it under the Christmas tree, and looking up at the lights and dreaming.  Have done this since childhood and so last night I was rocking Rosie in the Christmas tree room and then thought, "Oh, she needs to discover the magic of laying under the tree!"  So we both plopped some pillows down, then laid under the tree and quietly looked into the branches with all its lights and ornaments.  It really was magical.  Rosie loved it of course. In fact, I think she would have slept under the tree all night!

Pure bliss and magic with little Rosie.

Then this Christmas Eve morning, Rosie wanted to show daddy her new found magical way of gazing at her sweet Christmas tree.

The wonder in a child's eyes and heart. I love it and want to bottle it up for future years!  How much I love to see Sam and Rosie's wonder and awe and imagination during this season.
And other Rosie things...... she loves looking at all the cards of near and far friends and family.  She just stands and looks and studies and makes little Rosie comments.

And on this Christmas Eve day,

the cookies have been baked... but still need some frosting and glittery sprinkles.
And Mike made a fun little sign for our day and our list....
Looking forward to tonight.... reading the Christmas story by candlelight in front of the fire with our 6 year old and 2 year old.  Think this Christmas will be one of my favorites.  To have a 6 year old believing in Santa and all the magic that goes with it is priceless.  Love to see Sam's eyes so wide and in pure glee of waiting for Santa and his reindeer to visit his very own house.  Love to see his frolick and the almost floating heart because he's so happy.


 And then little Rosie..... her real first Christmas.  Watching her enjoy the lights and sparkle and tree and cookies and talking about Jesus is the sweetest gift.  My heart is so thankful, so full, and loves this time of the year because it is purely beautiful....... whether the world knows it or not...... it is Christ-mas.  One time during the entire year where Jesus has his birthday and the world celebrates. God sent his son to earth and we worship... we adore... we sing.....we laugh.
 I think heaven will be a little like Christmas.

Happy Christmas to you!!