Finding the Tree

Here is what the "Night Tree" is all about.  A good friend told me about this book last Christmas ( thank you Katie!) and I fell in love with it the first time I read this little story.
It goes like this:

A family bundles up on Christmas Eve for their yearly journey to the "Night Tree". They get in their truck and head to the forest to find their special tree. They also carry a box with ornaments, a cozy blanket, and a thermos filled with hot chocolate.



They journey through the forest to find their tree....
And the owl looks down and watches....

And they decorate the tree with delicious treats for all the animals.
Then they spread their blanket out and sing Christmas carols and drink hot chocolate.  How fun does that look???

Later on that evening, the little boy thinks about what is going on in the forest and then the next page shows this picture... which I love!  All the animals are finding their special Christmas treats on Christmas morning!

The pics above give you just a glimpse into the book.. the way the story is told is beautiful and there are more pictures in the book too!

So now you know what a "Night Tree" is all about!  It's making gifts and treats for the animals of the forest!  I can't wait to go on our adventure and we were going to go Christmas Eve but it looks like it may rain so I think we are planning it tonight! Now we just need to get our thermos ready and filled with hot chocolate and find the perfect tree that will start a yearly tradition for the Robinson family!