Gathering and Making

We are in gathering/making mode today.  Today is the day to make things for the night tree!  We went over to the Preserve and found the perfect pine cones and gumballs.  Whew!! It is cccooold outside!! Just walking around in the 25 degree weather made me happy to get back in the warm house!
Now... the making begins.

The night tree involves peanut butter, pine cones, and birdseed....
Can you guess what we are doing?


Yummy Yummy for all those little birdies and deer and bunnies and chipmunks and yes, Chatter, ( the red squirrel, you too!).
Now time to make the garland.... real true old fashioned garland.  I'll have to admit, I have never made popcorn and cranberry garland and was really excited to try this as a first!  ( Fun to pretend I am Laura Ingalls for an afternoon!) I had the best time sitting by the fire and stringing it all together. Think I'll make some more tonight.

So we made the garland and peanut butter/ birdseed treats!  More about the night tree coming up tomorrow!