Two years ago, a new little elf creature named, "Elfie", joined our family for Christmas.
And this Elfie LOVES to play and stay up late at night and do funny things.... We love Elfie and the days he spends with us.  And after his frolick at the Robinson house, he heads back to the North Pole. Love this pic of Sam with Elfie.... Sam was 4 years old when Elfie first arrived. And it's funny because Sam loves Elfie more and more each year.  This year Elfie is Sam's little buddy and Sam likes to carry him around the house and take him on trips in the car.  I think Sam would take him to school if he could, but Elfie has to stay home and work on toy stuff... what a hard life!

IMG_6591 Elfie loves to eat marshmallows and play with train sets and play mobile and legos and of course, Wii! Sometimes he makes big messes, but that's ok.. because the messes always involve some fun, like making cookies, eating popcorn, or cooking a yummy artic meal!
Hello dear Elfie!

And now we have a new little one who loves Elfie a bunch!

She also loves her candy canes too!!