Fairy Tale Houses and the Fox

Each year it is always fun to get these houses out of their Christmas boxes and find the perfect place to put them for the season.  Something fairy tale like about these small little homes. Their glitter and sparkle and cotton like snow turn regular cardboard into dream land.

Gotta love the detail on these.  Sweet pup with the garland around his neck and the Christmas tree decked out with gigantic Christmas balls! Ummm.. now where is a little village like this?  I bet there is one in Switzerland!

Love these houses!  They are made by Cody Foster and you can find his whimsy work at www.christmastraditions.com.  Love the bio of Cody Foster.  He learned under the guidance of his grandmother and started his line of handmade creations when he was only 16!  Plus,  he grew up in Nebraska and has all his original creations still made in that state. Nebraska is very dear to me because both my parents grew up there and I spent many Christmas days at my grandparent's farm ( on my dad's side) outside of Lincoln and in Norfolk, Nebraska where my mom's parent's lived.  Cody Foster is an inspiration and love it that he started so very young and has such an amazing eye for whimsy and design! Go Nebraska!

Along with fairy tale houses, Mike and I went to a fairy tale place last night... the Fox Theater in Atlanta. We sat in the balcony with the stars and clouds moving across the blue sky ceiling.  And each time I walk into the theater I am amazed by the architecture, the beauty and kind of feel like I'm in a storybook. It's wonderful. And with the concert, guess who was playing?  A favorite artist of mine ( and she sang with her husband) ...the entire night was magical! We went to the Christmas concert of Amy Grant and Vince Gill!
 Mike and I agreed it was one of our favorite concerts.  They took turns singing and sang together too.  They sang one of my favorites..."Tender Tennessee Christmas" and "Welcome to our World." And they also sang ones that I hadn't heard but loved.  Vince sang, "Give me Jesus." Oh, I love it..already downloaded from itunes and listened to it a zillion times and Amy sang, "Give me a silent night." Have listened to that one a bunch too! Oh, those songs are both great prayers during this season!
Well, we have 9 more days until Christmas.... even amid the busyness of shopping, traffic, wrapping presents, baking cookies, going to parties, may our hearts sing that pure simple tune.....
"Give me Jesus."