White Wonderland


This cute little snowman has something exciting to share... in fact, what he is about to share is in this photo....
And in this photo too... can you guess???

It is our magical white Christmas tree that just made it's way into our home this weekend!
I've been really wanting and dreaming of a white Christmas tree for about 2 years.. maybe 3 years now.  So this year, 2008, I thought, "Will be the year!".  I scoured magazines the past few days and looked online and wow, it was hard to find that perfect one!   Finally, I saw one online at good ole JC Penney's and it was on sale! The store said they had it, so I jumped in the car and buzzed over to the mall.  After some waiting, this sweet kind old man said there was one left and he would go down to the stockroom to look for it.  He came back with a big box that said, "Artic White Pine". Yipee! I was so excited!  This kind man helped me get the tree box into the car, I thanked him and got into the car and buzzed home. 
So fun to have this tree all twinkly and bright and white!  It is a magical tree and turns our dining room into a little enchanted land at night.( I think fairies would like to flutter around in here during Christmas.)

Definitely love the dark days of this year when we can light our homes with twinkle lights.  Makes me want to skip around, drink hot chocolate and enjoy each day of this Christmas season. 


So, I will do just that!