Tree Time!


It's time.... we have officially started the Christmas countdown this past weekend.   Mike found us the best tree ever and Mr. Tree is fluffy, fat and frolicky... just perfect! So now this tree needs to be decorated. Here we go!

Love love getting out all the ornaments.... most of these in this box are from my grandmother and also from my childhood days.  There is something extra special decorating a Christmas tree. Mike and I love getting out our old ornaments from childhood. We always end of laughing about certain ones like the 1970's gingerbread house ornament or the girl with the crazy hair.  And then there are the ones that we take extra care in putting on the tree because they are fragile and old.  It's always a memorable night and it's fun to see Sam love this time as much as Mike and I.

And this year, with our new little wee one, (aka Cindy Lou Who), we have a new fan of the tree trimming night!  Rosie absolutely loved every second of decorating the tree.  Amazing how she watches what we are doing and then joins in the fun.  She danced to the elf song and played with the Christmas ornaments and garland.  I think she was in her own little magical world. 

Yes, she is definitely a Cindy Lou Who...

Christmas land....


And our sweet little elves.