Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

My favorite time of the year has officially started! Yipeeeee!

We are back from the Nashville art show... always fun to be in that great town and meet new friends and see old friends!  Our dear Gee Gee and Da ( Mike's parents) stayed with Sam and Rosie and they all had a great time together!
Now we are finished with the art show and home in our soon to be Christmas house!... today will be unpacking suitcases from the trip and preparing for Christmas time!

So here are some things I love about this magical time of the year!

1. Getting out all the decorations.... pic below is what the table will probably look like tomorrow.. .covered with Christmas land! 

2. Decorating the Christmas tree while listening to our favorite Christmas songs.
3. Drinking hot chocolate and watching our list of Christmas movies... ( we have many that we LOVE!)
4. Having Elfie visit us!
5. Decorating our Jesse tree.
6.  Making cookies and gingerbread houses!
7.  Driving around and looking at Christmas lights.
8.  Walking through the live nativity.
9. Reading the Christmas story by candlelight.
10. Making our "night tree" ... more on that later.. but it is about to become a tradition in this Robinson family!
11. Buying  and making gifts for our family and friends.
12. Spending fun times with family and friends!
13. Singing and dancing to the elf song!

IMG_5532 14. Sitting in the living room at night and watching the lights twinkle.
15. Being still .... and savoring this most wonderful time of the year...... the time where we celebrate Jesus coming into this world!  Love to see the merriment everywhere!

All this talk is making me so excited!!
Ok... I'm off to turn on some music and start getting out the Christmas stuff!!