Info update..... my good ole internet has been down for 3 days so no online stuff until tonight.  Didn't realize how much I missed this thing called "the great world wide web" until it was gone.  But now our modem is up and running and all things are buzzing back on in the land of happy macs! 

Am still thinking about the beach and have a few more pics to show.  Love the pic above of Mike and Rosie. Sunsests... some of my favorite moments at the beach and  November sunsets at the beach are always a gorgeous ending to the day. 

Sam and his cousin running... running....


Sam and the girls running into the sunset.


 The beach...

it just never gets old.

 I can stare and gaze at the sea each day and never tire of it. 

And as I look at this photo... I think about each little person represented...
1. Rosie experiencing her first beach sunset.... wonder what goes through a 2 year old's mind as they look out at the colors of the sky and sea?  awe?  wonder?... amazement?

2. And for the other three, Sam and his dear cousins: ... pure glee. pure play.... being fully in the moment.

Oh,  how much I can learn from the way they live their days.

And as for living the days..... we are heading to Nashville tomorrow for an art show all weekend! If you live in Nashville and looking for something inspiring to do... head over to Brentwood Academy and you can find lots of wonderful art and inspiration!