Life... one long thanksgiving.

"Seeing our Father in everything makes life one long thanksgiving and gives a rest of heart."
Hannah Whitall Smith

Lovethis quote and have been writing it down in my journal this past month of November.  So amazing how my attitude can shift when I write down all the things that I am thankful for.  Being grateful is transforming and seeing God in everything truly does make our life one long and wonderful thanksgiving.  Even thanking him for the hard things in life as well as the good things.
 God redeems and restores and He is truly good!

And as we are at the beach during Thanksgiving, I have the perfect Thanksgiving house to show you. I love this house!  I named it "Anne of Green Gables". Just looks like Anne should live here and I do wonder what person lives in this house. Maybe I'll meet them someday.... who knows?

  30-A of Florida ( aka magical fairy land) has some amazing and beautiful houses.  It's a true feast for the eyes as one looks at the happy pastel houses with  tin roofs at Seaside, the Southern style homes of Watercolor, and the Rosemary houses with 5 different porches and gas lanterns and fountains.  But amid all the multi million dollar homes, this one is a favorite. Every time I pass by it on my bike, I feel happy. I feel restful and want to stop a minute and just look at the house and think about things I am thankful for.
 This house is simple and sweet, seems to be well-loved and it talks to you too.
  That little sign above the red doors says it all.....

"Be Grateful"


 So I''ll listen to this house and
Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!