Our favorite type of ocean look:
calm..... pure....blue.....crystal clear....

Pure blue sky.... another sunshine, sing song day here at the beach. It's always a surprise to walk up to the beach steps and look out into the ocean to see what beach day will be like.  Today we walked up to the overlook and the ocean was so calm..... just little baby waves and a bright blue sky... ah, just perfect!
Bliss....Sand.... Love.... Nana playing with Rosie.... Sam playing in the waves.

Can we ever get enough of looking at God's amazing sea?

Favorite Beach Dance:
The Little Rosie Waltz!

Favorite colors at the beach.... turquoise blue, white,  pink... red.. and some Van Gogh yellow.

Favorite outdoor spot at beach house:
Hammock chair on the balcony... we all love it:)

Favorite indoor spot:
Our new happy flower chair! And it goes so cheerfully with the big flower painting!
I have a feeling this chair will hold lots of love!

Yep! Lots of love right here!  This is called "squishing the heads love"!

Favorite Beach Book of the Week:
"The Adventures of Chatterer the Squirrel"  Ok... I  have to tell you about this veryyyyy special book....

This book is from my grandmother's house and the copyright was 1913!  True vintage!  My mom grew up on reading Thornton Burgess books and she LOVED them!  Now, she is reading them to Sam and he LOVES them too! It's his first Burgess book and I can't wait to read more animal stories.  There are stories about bears and deer and birds and sea animals.  Would highly recommend theses little treasures. They are so much fun! 


Favorite little girl: 

Rosie Robinson

And she loves her new ducky puppet book so much! Every night and also nap time she sleeps with it and this tiny book transforms her sleep time in a BIG way... she has gone from crying in her crib to sweet baby talk and sing song. (Mike found her sleeping like this... oh, so sweet!) I'm so happy she loves books ( because only 2 months ago, she had no idea what books were.)
Amazing how things can change in such little time!
 Oh, and she has warmed up to Bla Bla and Moopie too! Notice Bla Bla keeping her all snuggly and happy.

So that is a glimpse into our favorites for the week.
One more day until Thanksgiving.. gobble gobble!!!