Monday Funday


 8 fun things on this Monday by the sea! 
1. Sam caught his biggest fish yet!  A red fish.. but why is it not red? It actually looks like a Dalmation fish!

2.  Rosie had her first bike ride! yipee!
3.  Daddy and Rosie riding around... daddy fixing Rosie's bumble bee helmet so she can see!

4. Biking to the secret green meadow.

Our bike adventure ended up at the croquet field in Seaside. We love this field because it is kind of hidden and a secret place!  I remember the first time I found this green field... back when Seaside was brand new ( early 90's). Thought it was so special and from then on, it's been a destination of sorts. Now we like to ride to it and run around and play on the playground. 

5.  Some of my favorite people in the whole wide world: Nana ( my mom) and Rosie.


6. Happy swinging in the little park of Seaside.


7.  Fun jumping Sam!


8. And heading out to the sea to look at it one more time before the sun goes to bed for the night.