Beach Girl

It's Official!
We have a BEACH GIRL!!!  Rosie lovesssss the ocean.. she loves the sand... she loves the sun.. she loves the birds and all that makes up a perfect beach day!!

We were so excited about showing our " beautiful beach" to Rosie and watching her experience it for the first time in her life.  On a funny side note, Sam asked as we were heading to the ocean, "Can only English speaking people go to the beach?" ... "Can Russians go to the beach?" Mike and I both looked at each other with smiles as Sam asked the question, but then wondering, "What goes on inside a 6 year old's head??" Was he thinking about Rosie who is Russian.. was he thinking about our Russian friends we met?  Not really sure, but we assured Sam that anybody can go to the beach!!

As for Rosie and her first experience of the ocean..... It was like showing her Christmas toys on Christmas morning!  We walked down the steps to the beach and as she gazed out on the crystal blue, stunningly gorgeous day, we are pretty sure she said, "beautiful" in her broken, 2 year old English! We said, "Yes! it is beautiful!"

Rosie loved playing in the waves with daddy.....


She loved watching the big great sea.....


And watching her big brother fish....

And digging in the sand....

IMG_6112 And eating the sand! 

Yes! She loved every single bit of this beach time! And tomorrow the weather calls for pure sunshine. So we will be out at the beach again and watching our 2 year old Russian daughter enjoy her new love of sand and sea!  Yipee!!