Little Bird


A wonderful sing song present came in the mail a few weeks ago ( thank you Ginny!) Have loved discovering this Indie Pop country/folksy singer/ songwriter..... Elizabeth Mitchell!
  I heard about the music of Elizabeth Mitchell from a friend and then looked it up on itunes, fell in love with the songs, and in 3 days... a box was on my doorstep and inside the box was this present!
The name of the CD,
 "You are my little bird".
Can the title be any sweeter????  Ginny, how did you know this would be so perfect??? I had never heard of this singer lady and assumed no one else  had heard of this singer/songwriter, but I was obviously wrong. Now I want everyone to know this creative and talented song lady!
She is folksy and has a flair for poetry and sweetness that is all swirled together into thoughtful and playful music.




So we listen to it while driving here and driving there and as we pass the red trees on Shades Crest Road and the yellow trees on Park Avenue.  We listen to it as we make spaghetti and as we clean the dishes and as we draw with scented pencils.  This music, this art, travels with us everywhere... it's on the road as well as in the kitchen.  And I have this song, "little bird, little bird, fly through my window....." floating through my head a million times a day.  I adore each song and love the words in each song and love how the entire theme is about birdies.  The best part is riding around in "popcorn" ( our white mini van), singing the songs and looking back in the rear view mirror and seeing little heads bopping to the music. 
And these little heads are my birdies.
my sweet little birds.

still humming....."little bird, little bird... fly through my window...."