Beautiful weekend.  I think this is one of the longest periods of pure blue sky and 70 degree weather and it's November! Love it!  Only in Alabama, or rather the south, can one have roses blooming and tomatoes and zinnias hanging on in the middle of autumn. Despite the heat of summer, I still adore our southern fall and spring and even winter! 
Mike's parents came in town for the weekend and we definitely enjoyed our time together and the gorgeous weather. We filled our Saturday with Sam's soccer game and then the Preserve after that.  We love the Preserve! It is like this little oasis right in the middle of the buzz of city life.  It has acres of hiking trails, pretty streams and rock glades, waterfalls, and a big grassy area to run in ( pic above).  And all this is 5 minutes from our house!
Rosie loved waking her MoMo.  She adores this white fluff of a dog and I think MoMo even enjoys this two year old's attention!  Which is verrrry good.

Happy Mo!  Da and Gee Gee ( aka Ted and Patty) are always so fun with the kids.  They play games and ball with Sam and Rosie and Patty brings her bag filled with puzzles, treats, games and all sorts of kid delight!

Also this weekend, we started our first fire of the season! It is always a kind of celebration... saying, "Hooray for crisp mornings and hot chocolate nights!"
Rosie and Sam enjoying the warmth of the fire.  Rosie was mezmerized as she just stared at the fire in all it's happy glow! Probably another first for her... fire in the fire place!

A Sunday afternoon of golden leaf crunching.

... and exploring the wonder of autumn.  Love this season!