Vader and Ann

So here we are .... getting ready for a special night of pure candy hyper excitement! But wait... I think Darth Vader is kind of confused. His head is on a little two year old girl. ( but not to worry, his head will get to his right owner soon.) 
Sidenote:  Rosie LOVED wearing the mask and making the Darth Vader breathing noises.. wow, she really does fit in perfect in this house of Star Wars and costumes and light sabers!  But we'll be bringing in more princess pinks and fairy wands and glitter to help combat the warriors, clones, and vaders of the house!

Ahh, Darth Vader did find his owner...... and here he is with his blue light saber.  But there is a secret with Darth... he has a friend that he doesn't want anyone to know about. Can you guess who it is ?

It's Raggedy Ann!  She is very excited about the night and hanging out with Darth Vader ( aka Sam Robinson).

She also loves to talk to our beloved Mr. Pumpkin.

Oh, here they are together!  Happily sitting and posing before the night festivities.
Vader gives Raggedy Ann a hug... but she's not too sure about this big mask in her face. I think she's saying, "hello Sam... I know that is you."
Sam just finished a light saber fight with a clone and Sam won. The clone just turned into black ink and melted... kind of like the witch in the Wizard of Oz.  See the black stuff on the driveway?  Yep, that was the clone....

The kiddies will be leaving this soft green grass and heading out into the night land of lighted houses, glowing pumpkins and big candy bowls...... kid's pure HAPPY TIMES!

The End.