Dance Night

We LOVE weekends!! So nice to sleep late, stay up late and break out of the normal routine.
Friday night we turned on some tunes... all 80's and we danced around the sunroom!  We had a blast. What is it about Chaka Khan that puts one into "dance mode"?

We have discovered that Rosie loves to dance. Whenever there is music on, she starts bopping up and down. The other night, while I was in the kitchen, Rosie walked up to me with her big smile and started bopping her head back and forth.... oh, so sweet!


And Sam loves dancing with his sister..... love these days and nights of our family of four!

I think every Friday night should be dance night..... there is just something about music from our teenage years ( that would be the 80's for Mike and I) and dancing with our little family.  Yes, I would call this:

frolicky bliss!