Paints and Popsicles

We just received amazing art supplies in the mail that we had to try out.  So here we are ... coloring with the new watercolor crayons... so fun!

And we colored with smencils... they are colored pencils that have super wonderful smells! They even have Christmas pencil smells like hot chocolate and pine and candy cane! yum! It makes me want to eat one!
And speaking of eating.... Rosie experienced her first popsicle. I'll have to say that it is so much fun watching her experiencing her "firsts" of many many things. And since we are a popsicle family.... rather Sam LOVES popsicles.. we had to get her into the "snack" mode. Even if it is coooold outside, freezing neon ice sticks are still at the top of the list!

Brrrrr... Rosie thinking...."Do I really want to eat this orange thing???"

"Oh, yes, it is really good... yum!"