Two Little Pumpkins

My friend, Katie, grew up in a magical place in Eastern Georgia.  She lived on lots of land, had acres to roam in and wildflowers to run through, a pond to swim in and adventurous parents who were always making gardens and growing things. Whenever she returns home to her "land", she comes back with fun items. This time, Katie's mom, Nancy, etched Sam and Rosie's name in pumpkins when the pumpkins were small; and then the name grew with the pumpkin.  What a great idea!  Rosie adores her sweet pumpkin! She carried it around with her like a little doll. Hmmm, I guess since she is not into dolls right now, she can have a pumpkin to play with!
Admiring the pumpkin as Rosie sits with Mr. Scarecrow.

IMG_5475 Love these sweet pumpkins!